Targeted Messenger Ads

Facebook Custom Audiences are one of my secret weapons when it comes to Facebook Advertising. Any website that has a Facebook pixel, a like button or a Sign up with Facebook” login system, is also sending data to Facebook regarding actions users perform while on that site or app; giving Facebook an overwhelming amount of data on each of it's 2 billion users.

Along with testing ads by gender, platform, device, messaging theme, and even sexual orientation, we wanted to know how ads served to users based on their interests and page likes would perform against ads served to users who were similar to those who had already downloaded the app.

Simply put, custom audience allows you to reach people who already have a relationship with your business. This is an ideal audience to use when you've solidified your entire marketing campaign around a particular audience, including your destination landing pages, email follow-up sequence, and sales pages.

This helps us find more prospective customers who match the profile of our clients' customers. When the export job is complete, go to the Audiences page in Facebook's Business Manager to view your new Custom Audience. Now that you know what a lookalike audience is and why you should use one, I'll show you exactly how to create one.

However, as soon as possible, the savvier business owner will pursue Custom and Lookalike Audiences. This actually makes a lot of sense, since Facebook creates Lookalike Audiences based on people's similarity to your Custom Audience. With the tracking pixel you can then optimize your campaigns based on cold, hard data.

A general rule of thumb: if the source audience can be created in ToneDen, you can create the Lookalike Audience without having to import the Custom Audience in from Facebook Ads Manager. Instagram Engagement: If you have a business profile on Instagram, you can build a custom audience of people who are engaging with that profile and then also create a lookalike audience based on that custom audience as well.

A lookalike audience is a targeting audience based on a custom audience. Strangers you first targeted using demographics, behaviors, and interests become part of your web traffic custom audience upon their first visit—even if they don't take any other action on your website during their visit.

Please note that you need at least 100 users from the same region for Facebook to successfully create a lookalike audience. You can also create a custom audience of people who visit specific web pages. Even after you have this audience set up for a while, it updates every day so it only includes people from the past 30 days.

Facebook collects user activity data on Facebook and Instagram (who their friends are, what pages they like, posts they engage with, etc), but it also collects data on what it's users do across the Internet. The 10% audience size is the largest possible targeting option, but it's the broadest match of all audience sizes.

With a puff of algorithmic magic, it identifies other Facebook users with similar interests and demographics and groups them into your new Lookalike Audience. Listen to the show to hear Rick's and my thoughts about all of the things Facebook and Google know about users.

You then simply give your audience a name and select 'Create Audience'. The possibilities for lookalike audiences (and the degrees of similarity they represent to your chosen source audience), are endless. Examples of custom audiences include people on your email list, website visitors, and Facebook users who engage with your video or Facebook page.

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